PC Steel Stand



PC Strand, or prestressed concrete steel strand, is a twisted steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7 or 19 high strength steel wires and is stress-relieved (stabilized) for prestressed concrete or similar purposes.

In most of the post-tensioned and pre-tensioned prestressed project, smooth steel strand is the most widely used prestressed steel. Stranded strand is mainly used to enhance the project, but also for nuclear power and the like works. Galvanized steel strand commonly used in the bridge of the tie rod, cable and external prestressing works. Epoxy coated steel stranded wire is similar to galvanized prestressed steel wire.



Usages of PC Steel Strand


  • Widely used in pre-tensile or post tension for concrete constructions as building materials
  • Used in the upper plate of bridges
  • Used as floor and roof reinforcement for sports stadiums
  • PC panels, high-pressure concrete water pipes,marine structures,towers and runways
  • Used for multi-storey industrial/commerial/residential building,stadiums,coal mines and ect.



  • Good performance characteristic:
  • high tensile strength and elongation;
  • low relaxation value;
  • small stress losing;
  • excellent durable anti-fatigue performance

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