Our Services

How We are Different


At Wei Dat, we may be dealing with metals and wires, but our business is built on the foundation of relationships with our suppliers and customers and our staff. We believe in the concept of always `delighting our customers’. No customer is too big or too small for our dedicated attention and service at all times. We strive to be the supplier of choice to all our customers.


What We Promise And Offer

Quality Control and Delivery


Our manufacturing process is subject to thorough Quality Control to ensure that our products are being produced according to the specifications, and their appearances and standards are in perfect condition. The quality of our products is our priority. Our production team is trained to observe the quality of the product so that we can minimise rejection rate. Besides that, we also have an independent team of quality control and a laboratory to ensure the raw materials, WIP, packaging and finished goods are comply with the specifications and our standards before delivery.


In-house logistics services and trusted forwarders


Delivery and logistic are never an issue to Wei Dat. We are always prompt in delivery as we have our own trucks and lorry for goods delivery to our customer across peninsular Malaysia. We are experienced in export as we have long-term collaboration with our trusted logistic companies and freight forwarders, thus our goods are delivered to the destination in time and in good condition.


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